Corporate Profile



RNI Rodobens Real Estate, a company of one of Brazil’s largest and most important business groups – Rodobens, has been operating for over 70 years in the segments of automotive retail, financial services, and real estate. In 2017, after reflecting its values and with a proposal to approach its target audience, it underwent restructuring and rebranding, giving rise to ‘RNI’ – Rodobens Real Estate. Subsequently, RNI restarted with full focus on its return to the Minha Casa Minha Vida program, with its main activity being 80% in the segment of income band 3, and 20% in SBPE segment developments.


About RNI


RNI has been publicly traded since 2007, following structural reorganization and planning transposition that resulted in outcomes contributing to financial solidity associated with a strategy of growth and national expansion. RNI focuses its operations in various regions of the country. With over 30 years of experience in the real estate market, committed to fulfilling the dream of home ownership, RNI has been transforming and developing the regions where it operates throughout its trajectory. It spans 61 municipalities, 12 states, with 79 thousand units launched, 7.4 million square meters built, and thousands of families realizing their life projects. Social responsibility and sustainability combined with quality, comfort, security, and reliability are part of RNI’s commitment to its customers.


  • Mission

To realize the achievement of property ownership for customers and investors, ensuring the company’s perpetuity, shareholder return, and employee appreciation.

  • Vision

To be the most efficient and relevant company in the regions where it operates, through its values, quality, and profitability.

  • Purpose

To improve the way people live, work, and interact. Incorporating, constructing, and selling residential units.

  • Values

With commitment in all work, our success is built with passion for what we do, inspiring people, both in great achievements and in small gestures.


  • Commercial Strategy

RNI establishes a robust commercial strategy aimed at driving growth and sustainability of its business. Innovation, Quality, and Customer Relationship are pillars of the company’s commercial strategy.


  • Expansion Strategy

RNI relies on a team of experts in Intelligence and Data Analysis, responsible for in-depth market investigations. Identifying growth opportunities, risk assessment, and setting clear goals are key points of the company’s expansion strategy. Understanding market trends, demand for certain types of projects, and economic forecasts for new regions are crucial aspects of this pillar. A solid strategic plan guides the company towards sustainable and efficient growth.


  • Recognition

The ranking published annually by the Construction Business Intelligence (ITC), considered one of the most important institutions in the real estate market, includes RNI among the 100 largest Brazilian construction companies. The Caixa Blue Seal + is an ASG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) classification instrument aimed at proposals for housing developments that adopt efficient solutions in the conception, execution, use, occupation, and maintenance of buildings, and it is part of RNI’s list of achievements. RNI acquired the Covid Free Certification through safety measures adopted to protect employees and consumers during the pandemic.

Quality Management Committed to customer satisfaction, RNI has established a Quality Policy disseminated and understood by all its direct and indirect employees. Everyone is aware of their importance in the production chain and knows that the result of the product depends on their involvement, which was planned to meet customer expectations, namely, dignified housing with quality and comfort. RNI’s Quality Management System is certified by NBR ISO 9001:2015 and PBQP-H/SiAC, Level A, covering the incorporation, production, and administration of residential developments in gated communities executed by RNI, audited annually for compliance verification.