Mapa de Atuação RNI Atuação RNI

1949 - 2015

Founddation and expansion

1949 – Companies Foundation
1983 – Beginning of operations in the real estate sector

1991 – RNI Incorporation

2002 – Expansion to the medium/low income segment

2007 – IPO

2014 – Launch of the iconic “Integrato Iguatemi” project in São José do Rio Preto/SP

Propósito RNI Propósito da RNI


Strategy consolidation

2017 – Brand change: the company was renamed to RNI

2018 – Return to MCMV, current Casa Verde e Amarela Program

2019 – Turnaround with McKinsey’s hiring to define new strategic objectives: working in the low-income segment and macro-region model focusing on the Midwest (agribusiness) and countryside of the Southeast and South regions.

Eficiência em Foco Eficiência em Foco

2020 onwards

Growth and focus on efficiency

2020 – Growth of launches and sales, consolidation of landbank, record sales speed

2021 – RNI celebrates 30 years in the Brazilian market, moving forward with technological implementations (Real Estate E-commerce and process robotization) and achieving the best operational and financial performance of the last 5 years in 1H21, consolidating the company’s strategy in the agribusiness regions and outside the large centers.