Legal Notes


The RNI investor relations website contains forward-looking statements based on management’s beliefs and assumptions and available information, including statements regarding the company’s current intentions, beliefs, or expectations, as well as management’s expectations on a variety of matters, including:


• Economic, political, and business conditions in Brazil, especially in the geographical markets where RNI operates;

• Interests of the company’s controlling shareholders;

• Level of debt and other financial obligations of RNI;

• The company’s ability to implement its business plan, including its ability to secure financing when necessary and on reasonable terms;

• Inflation, real depreciation, and fluctuations in interest rates;

• Existing and future laws and regulations;

• Cost increases;

• Changes in real estate market prices, demand and customer preferences, financial situation of its customers, and competitive conditions;

• RNI’s ability to achieve its launched VGV (sales value of real estate inventory);

• Changes in construction technologies;

• The company’s ability to obtain equipment, materials, and services from suppliers without interruption and at reasonable prices;

• RNI’s ability to continue to maintain attractive financing rates for its customers;

• The availability of credit for its customers; • Success in marketing and selling its products, implementation of growth strategies;

• Trends that may impact the company’s financial condition and previously presented risk factors;

• Other statements contained on this website related to non-historical facts.


Investors should be aware that the topics above, among others addressed on this investor relations website, may affect the company’s future results, leading to outcomes different from those expressed in possible statements made by RNI on this website and in documents contained herein, including information about the company’s presumed future results of operations. This information is presented in various sections on this website, as well as in statements that include words such as “believes,” “may,” “continues,” “expects,” “forecasts,” “intends,” “plans,” “estimates,” “anticipates,” or similar.


Possible statements do not represent a guarantee of performance. They involve risks, uncertainties, and assumptions as they relate to future events and, therefore, depend on circumstances that are beyond our control. The future financial situation, as well as operational results, strategies, market share, and market value of RNI may differ significantly from those expressed or implied in such statements. Many of the factors that will determine these results and values are beyond the company’s control.