History and Corporate Profile


With more than 30 years of operation in the real estate market, RNI’s mission is to transform and develop the regions where it operates. Founded in the municipality of São José do Rio Preto in 1991, the real estate developer remains committed to helping customers fulfill their dreams of acquiring their own home, as is evidenced by its more than 205 residential projects launched in 61 cities from 12 Brazilian states, totaling over 78,000 units launched and a construction area of 7,4 million m² with high-quality real estate projects across Brazil.

With its IPO held in 2007, after changing its business model and readjusting its organizational structure, combined with a strict cost control policy, which resulted in financial solidity, the real estate developer continues to expand nationwide away from large urban centers and focusing mainly on agribusiness regions where the Empresas Rodobens group is strong and consolidated.

In 2017, the Company initiated an internal repositioning process, which resulted in the adoption of the “RNI” brand, short for Rodobens Negócios Imobiliários, as the company had already been known in the market. The main objective of changing the name was to bring the company closer to its target audience.

Then, once operational adjustments were concluded, RNI began its new expansion strategy, mainly focusing on re-entering the Minha Casa Minha Vida Program, bracket 3 segment, accounting for 80% of units launched, and horizontal SBPE developments, accounting for 20% of the properties in the market, reducing its share in the lots segment.

RNI continues to pursue its goal of offering high-quality projects that provide comfort, safety and reliability, combining commitment, social responsibility and sustainability. Besides being listed in the ITC Ranking of the 100 Brazilian construction companies, yearly published by Inteligência Empresarial da Construção – ITC (Construction Business Intelligence), one of the most important real estate institutions, in 2021, RNI obtained the Azul + Caixa Seal, which is considered the first sustainability index classification system focused on housing projects developed within the Brazilian construction context.

In 2021, RNI also earned the COVID-Free Certification, thanks to the safety measures implemented during the pandemic, which not only ensured the protection of professionals working in the production and operating lines, but also of consumers.

Rodobens Companies

RNI is part of Empresas Rodobens, one of the largest and most important Brazilian corporate groups. With more than 70 years of operations, the group consists of companies specializing in automotive retail, financial services and real estate.

1949 - 2015

Founddation and expansion

1949 – Companies Foundation
1983 – Beginning of operations in the real estate sector

1991 – RNI Incorporation

2002 – Expansion to the medium/low income segment

2007 – IPO

2014 – Launch of the iconic “Integrato Iguatemi” project in São José do Rio Preto/SP


Strategy consolidation

2017 – Brand change: the company was renamed to RNI

2018 – Return to MCMV, current Casa Verde e Amarela Program

2019 – Turnaround with McKinsey’s hiring to define new strategic objectives: working in the low-income segment and macro-region model focusing on the Midwest (agribusiness) and countryside of the Southeast and South regions.

2020 onwards

Growth and focus on efficiency

2020 – Growth of launches and sales, consolidation of landbank, record sales speed

2021 – RNI celebrates 30 years in the Brazilian market, moving forward with technological implementations (Real Estate E-commerce and process robotization) and achieving the best operational and financial performance of the last 5 years in 1H21, consolidating the company’s strategy in the agribusiness regions and outside the large centers.