Development Process

The chart below shows the stages of RNI’ development process:

Identification, appraisal and acquisition of land. The Company conducts continuing market surveys with potential customers, with the purpose of guiding its process of choice of land (indicating potential specific regions) and determining the characteristics of each of its products. When acquiring land, RNI take into account its location and its suitability for the type of project that the Company intends to develop, as well as its price and appreciation potential.

Definition and development of projects and approvals. RNI has a team composed of highly-qualified engineers and architects who are responsible for researching new materials and technology, as well as for developing services and products with high performance and flexibility. For years the Company has focused its strategy on the formation of extremely competitive final prices, which has led it to adopt a culture focused on management efficiency, based on the use of technology, on logistics efficiency and on integration between the various processes. Thus, RNI has developed an intelligence platform that has enabled it to develop products with distinguished architecture and design projects, finishing and services, at extremely competitive prices.

Marketing, sales and sales management. The management of RNI’ developments is carried out by its own team on a full-time basis, and the sale of the units is normally carried out by outsourced service providers (major realtors and local realtors), through brokers assigned to the sales stands at the various development sites. The outsourced realtors operate, during the entire stage of sales of the developments, on an exclusivity basis for each development, and are contracted by its developments’ sales management staff.

Construction process. From the beginning of its activities the Company carries out a stringent assessment during the planning stage of each of its developments to decide on the construction process that is most adequate for the development and if the construction will be carried out by itself or by contracted third parties. To this end, RNI takes into account the characteristics of the development, such as the number of units, location, segment to which it is targeted, among others, as well as logistics aspects that are associated with the development of the project, aiming at the most profitable solution for the invested capital, without affecting its quality standards. The Company always focus on the intelligence of the development process, following the development of the execution plan, the planning of its developments and the logistics for execution of the project.

Post-sales and customer service. Since the Company’s incorporation, it has developed a culture of serving its customers. RNI’ teams are trained and instructed to respond cordially and efficiently, and to be capable to look for creative solutions for customers demands and to offer well-grounded justifications when the demands cannot be fully satisfied. The Company seeks to interact with its customers, trying to understand their concerns and to create a relationship to satisfy them and enhance the quality of its services.