Corporate Profile

In more than 26 years as a real estate developer, RNI has launched 172 residential projects in 55 cities in 12 Brazilian states, representing the launch of more than 65 thousand units, equivalent to 6.2 million m² of constructed area.

As a listed company since 2007, we have recently introduced changes to our business model in preparation for the start of a new growth phase. We have readjusted our organizational structure and adopted a rigid cost control policy. We have reduced leverage and begun a process of monetizing inventory and reinforcing our cash position. These initiatives have provided the necessary financial solidity to allow us to continue expanding our activities.

Our objective is to offer high quality projects providing comfort and security by always prioritizing the aspects of social responsibility and sustainability. We operate in various real estate segments and are particularly well known in the market for reliability.

In 2015, due to the challenging economic scenario, it opted to discontinue the development of Rodobens Malls, a non-core segment, to focus on its subdivision operations (Rodobens Urbanismo) and on its residential development segment. With the worsening of the economic crisis, it redirected its efforts to maintaining low leverage and a solid cash position. It also adjusted its organizational structure, which involved adopting stringent cost control policies, streamlining internal processes and renewing the product mix. Other measures included deleveraging and launching a new effort to monetize its inventories in order to shore up its cash position.

This led the company to embark on an internal process to reposition itself, which culminated, in 2017, with the adoption of the brand "RNI," as the company already was recognized in the market, in order to strengthen the relationship with its target public.

At the end of the same year, RNI announced that it was resuming launches with two projects: Green Home, a high-standard project in São José do Rio Preto, São Paulo; and Green Club, a project in Rondonópolis, Mato Grosso. The latter set a new record for sales and, in view of the strong demand, the company accelerated the project’s second phase to February 2018. Since then, with the adjustment to its operations well consolidated, RNI launched a new growth cycle focusing primarily on returning to the My Home, My Life program and to horizontal SBPE projects, while reducing its operations in the subdivision segment.

We are a continual feature of the ITC Ranking of the 100 largest Brazilian builders. Published annually by the Inteligência Empresarial da Construção (ITC), one of the most important real estate market institutions, the ranking being made up of builders with the greatest active square meter volume in the country.

Rodobens Companies
RNI is part of the Rodobens Companies, one of the most important business groups in Brazil. With a track record which goes back 68 years, the group is made up of companies specialized in the retail, automotive, financial services and real estate segments.