1949 - Origins of the Rodobens Companies
We are members of the Rodobens Companies - according to Exame magazine’s Best and Biggest ranking for 2017, one of the 200 largest corporate groups in Latin America. The Rodobens Companies were founded by Waldemar de Oliveira Verdi in the city of São José do Rio Preto, in interior region of São Paulo, and the earliest activities of the group were as Mercedes-Benz truck dealerships.

1966 - Purchasing pools activities
In 1966, the Rodobens Companies diversify into the management of purchasing pools of truck and becoming the first Brazilian of purchasing pools with nationwide coverage.

1983 - Real estate sector
The Rodobens Companies activities in the real estate sector have their beginnings in the city of Cuiabá (MT), with a department involved in property building for the group companies, but later branching out into real estate development.

1991 - A new company
Growth in real estate activities leads to the establishment of Rodobens Negócios Imobiliários. The Sistema Fácil is created in the same year as a solution for scarce real estate mortgage finance. Between 1991 and 1997, about 85% of the units launched by Rodobens were residential buildings.

1997 - Closed Condominiums
Rodobens Negócios Imobiliários begins developing closed horizontal condominiums. The first to be launched was the Green Village I, a condominium in the city of São José do Rio Preto (SP). From 2000 to 2006, 50% of the company’s units adopted this concept.
In the same year, a partnership was established with the Unibanco financial institution in the real estate development sector, giving Rodobens access to unique financing conditions.

2002 - Expansion of the consuming public
The company begins its expansion in the middle and low-income segment with the creation of the Terra Nova product and the launching of the Villagio Maria Stella, development in the city of São José do Rio Preto (SP). The horizontal and vertical condominium concept is offered to a new consuming public with excellent acceptance.

2006 - Innovative constructions
The company begins to employ an innovative process using autoclaved aerated concrete in the construction of foundations (floating slab type) and using aluminum or recyclable plastic molds for wall building. The Terra Nova Garden Village is the first project in Brazil to receive the Real Sustainable Construction rating from the ABN Real bank.

2007 - Listing of Capital (IPO)
On January 31, Rodobens Negócios Imobiliários begins the trading of its shares on the São Paulo Stock Exchange’s Novo Mercado.

2008 - Focus on the popular segment
The Moradas product - even more accessible than the Terra Nova product - is launched, focusing on the rising low-income market. In December, the first development in this segment - Moradas Itapetininga (SP) - is launched.

2009 - Minha Casa Minha Vida housing program
In April, the federal government launches the Minha Casa Minha Vida housing scheme for facilitating acquisition of properties by the low-income segment of the population. With its focus on this part of the consumer market, Moradas qualifies in full under the program’s eligibility criteria.

2010 - R$ 1 billion in launches
Rodobens Negócios Imobiliários concludes the launching of 16,167 units to reach approximately R$ 1.1 billion in VGV (General Value of Sales), a record for the company to date. With these numbers, the company consolidates its growth and operations in the Brazilian market, achieving the goals set at the time of its stock market listing.

2012 - Sustainability
Rodobens Negócios Imobiliários is elected the first developer in Brazil in the sustainable development category of the Valor 1000 ranking, prepared annually by Valor Econômico newspaper.
The Stillo Rodobens line is launched focused on projects for the middle and upper-income segments. In the same year, Rodobens Urbanismo begins operations aimed at subdivision development of large areas.

2013 - Urbanism
The first Rodobens Urbanismo project is launched, the Heimtal Park, a closed subdivision development in Londrina (PR).

2014 - Integrated complex to the Iguatemi shopping mall in São José do Rio Preto/SP
The Integrato Iguatemi project is launched in São José do Rio Preto (SP), becoming an outstanding feature of the Iguatemi shopping complex and at that time, a concept unique in the region.

2015 - Consolidation
Rodobens Urbanismo consolidated its operations, launching two new planned districts. The first is in São José do Rio Preto (SP), named Jardim dos Buritis. All its units were sold in a single day. In the same year, the second integrated project, Veredas, in the city of Feira de Santana (BA), was launched.

2017 - Brand change
With the aim of achieving closer proximity to the consumer and underscoring its commitment to quality, security and flexibility, the company repositions its brand which is renamed RNI.

2018 - Return to MHML
The year of 2018 marked the company’s return to the My Home, My Life segment, with the launch of the first phase of the vertical condominium Green Life São Marcos in São José do Rio Preto, São Paulo, and of the horizontal condominium Moradas das Flores in the Fortaleza metropolitan area

2019 - The Macro-Region Model
In 2019, RNI deepened its performance strategy in the low-income segment, with a focus on MHML (My home, My lofe segment) and super economical BSLS (Brazilian Savings and Loan System segment), and together with McKinsey designed the geographic model of action, consisting of six macro-regions of operation. The macro-regions are distributed according to absorption studies, witch pointed out the potential demand for our products, in addition to being characterized by regions of strong agribusiness appeal, where the Rodobens group has a strong brand. So, each macro-region has regional RNI, and are located in the cities of i)São José do Rio Preto; ii)Campinas; iii)Goiânia; iv)Cuiabá; v)Curitiba and vi)Porto Alegre. With that, we have defined the geographic and product scopes.

2020 - Strategy Execution
The year of 2020, RNI has been accelerating in operational terms, witch increasing lauches and net sales surpassing in just 6 months the entire year of 2019.