2Q10 Operational Preview
Launches R$262MM and Sales Contracts R$238MM
Record in the quarter of Launches and Sales Contracts


Ø In 1H10 the launches reached R$438MM Rodobens‘ PSV, which represents growth of 65% over 1H09, and totalizes 7,108 units launched.

Ø Launches in 2Q10 reached R$262MM Rodobens‘ PSV, with 4,427 units, and a growth of 49% over 1Q10, totaling a PSV of R$324MM.

Ø Contracted sales of 1H10 reached R$414 MM, representing a growth of 80% over 1H09, totalizing 6,377 units sold and total PSV of R$533 MM.

Ø Sales agreements closed in 2Q10 totaled R$238MM (Rodobens‘ share only), with growth of 69% over 2nd quarter 2009 (2Q09). A total of 3,788 units were sold in 2Q10, which represents total PSV of R$306MM. The sales agreements value reported are net of cancellations in the period.

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