4Q09 Operating Preview
Contracted Sales was 121% higher than the 4Q08

São José do Rio Preto, January 19, 2010:  Rodobens Negócios Imobiliários S.A. (“Rodobens”, Bovespa: RDNI3), discloses selected operating results of the 4th quarter 2009 (4Q09). The results presented below are subject to review by external audit. The full audited 4Q09 earnings are scheduled to be released on March 11, 2010.
Ø Sales agreements signed in the 4Q09 amounted to R$197MM Rodobens share only (“Rodobens PSV”), a Company record, with growth of 30% over the past quarter (3Q09) and 121% over the 4Q08, net of cancellations.

Ø There were sold 3,274 units net of cancellations in the 4Q09, which represent Total PSV(1)  of R$280MM, of which 67% eligible for the housing program “Minha Casa Minha Vida” (MCMV).

Ø Sales agreements signed in 2009 amounted to R$580MM Rodobens PSV, a growth of 8% over 2008, with 8,271 (Total PSV R$828MM), net of cancellations.

Ø The speed of sales in the 4Q09, calculated by the quarterly SOS-Sales Over Supply(2) method, grew to 30% (vs. 24% in the 3Q09).

Ø Launches in the 4Q09 reached R$187MM Rodobens PSV, with 3,229 units, historical Company’s record, and a growth of 48% over the 4Q08. Totaling a PSV of R$256MM, of which 75% eligible for MCMV Program, reaching an average price of R$79k in the quarter.

Ø Launches in 2009 amounted to R$635MM Rodobens PSV, with 9,324 units and total PSV of R$822MM.

Ø By the end of the 4Q09, the Company had 10 senior loan construction closed with Caixa Econômica Federal (“CEF”)  within the MCMV, represented by 3,031 units and a total amount contracted of R$151MM.

Ø Additionally, there were closed another 09 senior loan construction with Banco Santander/Real, with total contracted amount of R$130MM, amounting to R$281MM of construction loans in both banks together.

Ø Delivery of construction work totaled a launched PSV of R$680MM and 5,918 units, of which Rodobens share in the PSV is R$512MM.
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