São José do Rio Preto, October 6, 2020 - RNI Negócios Imobiliários S.A. (B3: RDNI3) ("RNI" or "Company") informs its shareholders and the market of the investments made in a Real Estate E-commerce platform. The tool, which is in the development phase, will be an innovation in the sector as it will give property buyers greater autonomy in the digital environment by creating individualized features for the remote buying experience - features that are unprecedented.

E-commerce is the final stage of a plan for digitizing the client journey launched two years ago by the company, which prioritized back office systems and invested heavily in systems integration. During this period, the company also adopted electronic agreements, as well as digital marketing analysis and automation tools, which played a key role in its business performance in 2020. RNI Negócios Imobiliários’ sales volume in the first half of 2020 came to R$243 million, surpassing its performance in whole of 2019.

The new online sales platform will enable clients to view the units available in the floor plan of projects, simulate financing plans and obtain detailed information about the properties. In addition, virtual tours, which are currently standardized, will be tailored to the preferences of each buyer, who can also schedule virtual visits live.

Customer service through the tool will be associated with the ID of a broker, who will play a key role as the sales consultant. The submission of documents and generation of proposals, agreements and payment slips will take place in an encrypted and responsive environment, matched by quick interaction with financial institutions. The entire acquisition process will be monitored remotely in an automated manner.

The new platform underlines the company’s commercial strategy by increasing the income generation possibilities for the business. RNI is aligned with the consumption trends in the digital environment and is confident that the online buying experience will be increasingly part of the Brazilian real estate market, with direct benefits for clients.

Carlos Bianconi

Chief Executive and Investor Relations Officer

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