Contracted sales (% RNI) of R$188 million

The best performance in the last 7 quarters

São Paulo, April 16, 2013: Rodobens Negócios Imobiliários (BM&FBovespa: RDNI3) announces its preliminary unaudited operating results for the first quarter of 2013.


RNI’s contracted sales, which accounted for 79% of total contracted sales, came to R$188 million in 1Q13, the best performance in the last 7 quarters, a 15% increase over 1Q12. The average sales price moved up by 16% in relation to 1Q12, led by Stillo, whose share in total sales posted an increase.

In the period, 1,898 units were sold, versus 1,598 in 4Q12 and 1,774 units in 1Q12.


RNI’s launches totaled R$163 million in 1Q13, up 55% from the R$105 million in 1Q12. Two new projects were launched, representing 74% of total launches (PSV of R$121 million), while the remaining installment referred to phases of previously launched projects.

Stillo accounted for 39% of total launches in the period, contributing to a 43% increase in the average price, from R$104,000 in 1Q12 to R$148,000 in 1Q13. A total of 1,279 units were launched in 1Q13, versus 1,194 units in 1Q12.

SOS (Sales-over-Supply)

The SOS ratio stood at 19.3% in 1Q13 in line with 19.5% of 1Q12, 4.3 p.p. over 4Q12.


In 1Q13, RNI delivered 1,389 units under the ready-to-live-in criterion (representing R$86 million in RNI’s PSV), versus 2,719 units in 4Q12 and 3,208 units in 1Q12. RNI delivered R$86 million in PSV.

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